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Lumber Support Systems

Many people require additional lumber support while driving to minimise back pain and improve posture and mobility. 

We can install an inflatable support system underneath the foam in the middle of your backrest which can be manually pumped up or deflated within seconds. A small pump will sit beside your seat allowing you to choose the level of lumber support you require.

Available in Wellington only.

Seat Heating Systems

Our heater pads are made from high quality carbon fibre elements and will warm up your seat and backrest within minutes. This is a perfect way to warm up your bones in winter, making it easier to move around without feeling stiff. 

Our auto upholsterers and auto electrician will install this heating system beneath the leather or fabric of your seats, and high and low heat settings are available. The controls are typically mounted beside each seat but other dashboard locations can be looked at on request.

Available in Wellington only.